Welcome to WhatYou...

Getting started

In order to use WhatYou, you will need to login using any personal Google account. Unfortunately, we do not support "Google Apps For Domains" login details. Once logged in, you can start posting updates and adding friends to your profile.

What is it then?

WhatYou is a multi-state microblogging service (similar to Twitter) that allows multiple "tweets" (or "updates") to be sent by each user.

Each message is assigned an action (or verb) such as "watching", "eating" or "drinking", which can be used via the API (coming soon) to find out what your friends are actually doing. Imagine setting up filtered RSS/XML/JSON feeds with custom rules to find out which friends are "eating", or "working".

Also, WhatYou allows you to optionally specify a finish time for the update. This is because you may only be doing something for a few minutes, and not bother deleting or replacing the update when you are done. All updates with finish times timeout and clear automatically.

What is coming soon?

  • Receive email and SMS notifications from friends you are stalking
  • Get and update statuses via RSS/XML API

Why did we make WhatYou?

There are two main reasons why we started this project:

  • To learn how to develop applications on Google's AppEngine platform (using Python and Django)
  • To create a scalable reliable Twitter alternative

Getting involved

WhatYou is an open source project so if you want to get involved, why not email us at whatyouproject@gmail.com. If you are interested, feel free to check out the source code which is hosted by Google Code and is available at: http://code.google.com/p/whatyou/.